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Why are people so enamored of the e-cig company, Green Smoke? There are probably as many answers to that as there are products in the company’s portfolio. Part of the company’s popularity is undoubtedly their service, as hundreds of user’s reviews will attest to. For example, one reviewer – while admitting that there had been a small problem with his order, commends the company on rectifying the issue immediately, actually Fedexing him the correct order without any additional charge to him.

These types of reviews are common to the company. Certainly, there are a number of non-committal reviews such as “great product!” or similarly worded statements, and also, if you venture off their site entirely, you’re sure to find a few nay-sayers out there as well. There always are!

Obviously, you can’t please everyone.

But, when you are a company selling millions of products – and I mean MILLIONS – every year, there are bound to be some people who don’t like you. That’s just the way life is sometimes! But, considering that they have been around since 2008 (and therefore one of the early players in the e-cig game), they are obviously doing something right.

And that brings me to Green Smoke coupons, which is certainly another notch in their belt as to why they are so popular. While coupon deals come and go, the fact that the company continues to offer them means that they work! Discount codes are a terrific way of gaining and retaining customer loyalty. And boy, do they have loyal customers!

Likening the Green Smoke success story to another success story we’re all familiar with:

Of course, the fact that they were in pretty much at the beginning of this whole e-cig craze hasn’t hurt them at all. It’s kind of like what I refer to as the “McDonald’s phenomenon.” Back in the early days of fast food (actually, 1940 to be more precise, when Dick and Mac McDonald opened a BBQ drive-in restaurant in San Bernadino, CA*), McDonald’s was among the very first of its kind. I’d be willing to bet that hardly any other fast food franchise that came after was nearly as successful. And, while I’m not saying that you couldn’t go open up a brand new e-cig company today and be wildly successful, you would certainly be up against some pretty stiff competition as the newcomer on the block. It’s just the way it is.

Of course Green Smoke isn’t the only company doing this.

Now, obviously other large e-cig companies also offer discounts and coupons. It’s clearly one of the easiest and best ways that these firms can, number 1, introduce their products to newcomers to vaping, and number 2, retain a following. Most of the coupons you’ll see won’t tell you that you can only use discount codes on only one order. They obviously create more revenue than they lose as a result of people redeeming the codes.

So, if you are in the market for trying e-cigs, using Green Smoke coupons is an excellent way to do so. Or for more basic coupons see

*Quick note about the McDonald’s analogy. While the McDonald brothers had their drive-in in 1940, it wasn’t until 1954 when Ray Kroc visited the brothers in an effort to sell them Multimixers. It was then that Ray Kroc had his now famous “ah ha” moment that changed the course of fast food everywhere. Source:



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